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Manley valves have set the standard for excellence in quality, material and design in the performance world for four decades. Manufactured from proven Race Master materials, Manley valves feature chrome stems, hard tips, fully machined surfaces and swirl polished radii. Many applications are Pro Flow design for maximum air flow.

For extreme conditions, XtremeAlloy material is available for custom exhaust valves. Please contact the factory direct for more details.

Note: Manley Performance strongly recommends that customers check their valve guide size in order to achieve the proper valve stem to guide clearance. Guides may need to be honed when replacing stock factory valves.

Part # Type Head Diameter Stem Diameter O/A Length Tip Length Underhead Angle/Radius Margin Seat Width Top of Head
11113-8 Exh. 27.5 mm 6 mm/.2362" 99.75 mm 3.5 mm 25° x 11/32" .065" .080" 20° Dish
11114-8 Int. 32 mm 6 mm/.2362" 99.6 mm 3.5 mm Pro Flo: 22° x 5/16" .050" .075" 17° Dish
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