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NEXTEK VALVE SPRINGS, RETAINERS, LOCATORS, AND LOCKS - learn more about our valve spings, retainers, locators, locks
Manley valve springs are wound from super clean alloy. Each design minimizes stress to ensure long service life with high lift camshafts. Retainers are manufactured in our own double spindle CNC machines to exacting tolerances and precise installed height specifications. Locators are manufactured in our own CNC lathes. Heat treated and black oxided after machining. Valve locks are manufactured in our own Swiss turning centers with rigid control over the all-important angle to ensure precise mating with the retainer.
NEXTEK VALVE SPRINGS - learn more about our valve springs
Part No. Description Max Valve Lift O.D. I.D. Installed/Open Pressure Rate (lbs/in) Coil Bind
  Super Finished Single Conical Ovate Wire
221431-16* Chrysler Hemi 5.7L, 6.1L
High Performance Street/Strip
.650" 1.076" Top
1.311" Bottom
.650" Top
.885" Bottom
145 @ 1.811"
370 @ 1.161"
380 @ 1.150"
353 1.100"
221439-16 Chrysler Hemi 6.4L
High Performance Hydraulic Roller
* These Chrysler Hemi springs come with shims which are ONLY needed for 6.1L applications on the intake side in order to achieve the correct installed height. P/N 221431 also includes a set of piloting rings that install over the factory “Top Hat” integral valve seal to properly locate the ID of the spring on early 5.7L (thru 2008) and 6.1L applications.
7 ° TITANIUM RETAINERS & STEEL RETAINERS - learn more about our retainers
Valve Stem
Part # Quantity Spring Degree A B C Height Valve Locks
  7° Titanium
23613-16 16 pcs. 221431-16/221439-16 .3125" .935" .640" .570" Stock Manley 13093 or factory valve lock
  7° Steel
23612-16 16 pcs. 221431-16/221439-16 .3125" .935" .640" .570" Stock Manley 13093 or factory valve lock
Part No. Quantity Spring # Locator I.D. Locator O.D. Thickness Shoulder Diameter
42324-16 16 pcs. 221431-16 / 221439-16 .812" 1.300" .205" .875"
Must use ID locator P/N 42324-16 for the 2009 and up Hemi 5.7L and all 6.4L
Part No. Quantity Valve Stem Groove Type Angle Wgt./Pr.
13093-16* 16 pr. .3125" Manley Bead Loc® Single Radius 2.2 gms
* Must be used with Manley Bead Loc® single radius groove valves
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