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  • Meticulously formed ends with exact radii
  • Excellent concentricity, closely controlled length
  • Heat treated and black oxide finished
.080" Wall
Part No.
.120" Wall
Part No.
Length Dimensions
26570 26571 HEMI 5.7L (Thru 2008) Includes 8 Intakes and 8 Exhausts Stock Length Int. 6.600" Exh. 7.825"
26610 26611 SRT-8 HEMI 6.1L Includes 8 Intakes and 8 Exhausts Stock Length Int. 6.650" Exh. 7.850"
26640 26641 5.7L (2009-Up)/6.4L HEMI Includes 8 Intakes and 8 Exhausts +.025" lengths for smaller base circle aftermarket cams Length Int. 6.800" Exh. 8.100"

These double roller high performance timing chain kits are a complement to our high performance valve springs and other late model Hemi engine components. They offer greatly enhanced strength and accuracy compared with the stock piece and even allows for timing adjustments (advance or retard). Each set contains a tensioner plate; an adjustable nine keyway billet steel crankshaft sprocket allowing either 0°, or +/- 2°, 4°, 6° or 8° of timing; a billet steel camshaft sprocket with offset cam bushings for 0°, or +/- 2°, 4° or 6° of timing when using the factory ECM computers; a double roller chain with .250" diameter rollers; detailed instructions. Part number 73206 includes a captive Torrington thrust bearing. Part numbers 73205 ands 73206 are compatible with the following engines: Chrysler 5.7L 2004-08, Chrysler 6.1L 2006-10, Dodge 5.7L 2005-08, Dodge 6.1L 2006-10, and Dodge Truck 5.7L 2003-08.
Part No. Description Center-to-Center Chain
73205 Chrysler/Dodge Hemi 5.7L/6.1L with 9 Keyway Crankshaft Sprocket Stock 76205
73206 Chrysler/Dodge Hemi 5.7L/6.1L With Captive Torrington and 9 keyway Crankshaft Sprocket Stock 76205
Manley oil pumps are engineered to provide optimum performance and reliability. Utilizing Melling's "Select Performance" series of oil pumps, Manley disassembles, hand ports and blueprints each pump for optimum performance. Hi-Performance engines require Hi-Performance oil pumps and these deliver the proper oil volume and pressure with minimum parasitic horsepower loss, cavitation and oil aeration.
Part No. Engine Application Features
71342 Hemi 5.7L/6.1L
Standard 6.1L volume
Hard-Coat anodized aluminum body with a cast iron phosphate coated cover for improved oil pump performance and durability. Adjustable by-pass pressure of 50 PSI, 60 PSI and 65 PSI with supplied pressure springs.
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